Hamburg's English-Speaking
International Church in Schenefeld


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worship services,


and community

in the English language

at a close-in suburban



in Hamburg



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Because He Lives


A World without Easter?



What would our world look like without Easter?


Can you imagine a world like that?

A world where every sad or dark moment has no answer?

A world where new beginnings are not possible?

A world where comfort has no foundational basis -

where a hug is an empty gesture?

A world where sharing makes no sense

because the law of the jungle is an irrefutable logic?

A world where investing in the future makes no sense

because the end is, well... the end?

A world where weakness is fatal and failure is final?

A world where hopelessness is a simple fact

because death has the last word?


Can you imagine a world like that? A world without Easter?

I can't.


Because I live in a world where Easter is.

Because of Him.

Because HE lives!


Come, celebrate Easter!

Easter Sunday is just the beginning.

The celebration continues - Sunday after Sunday.

Join us!



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Sunday Services at 11:30



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A special invitation to newcomers or visitors in Hamburg - welcome!


We're on Hamburg's near west side.

It's easy to reach us by car from the Halstenbek/Krupunder Exit on A-23 or from the

Luruper Hauptstraße / Altonaer Chaussee. There's plenty of free parking.

For your navigator enter "Gorch-Fock-Straße 90, 22869 Schenefeld".

Or you can reach us by S-Bahn and bus (see "Directions").

For help with directions or for more information about St. Paul's, click the appropriate menu-button,

give us a call at (040) 830 0505 or email us at

St. Paul's  •  Gorch-Fock-Straße at Kirchenplatz  •  22869 Schenefeld